Changing Content Colum Class on page.vars.php Drupal 7

 I have installed Bootstrap 3 as a subtheme, then i have a problem with column class when i add a new region on my bootstrap subtheme, i added a new region with the name sidebar_three. The new region actually appeared well, but the colum class bootstrap is not working as i expected. Column class have a default value with col-sm-12 while  i want  column class to have class with default value col-sm-9 when sidebar_three region  exist.

I tried various ways to solve this problem, I trying to do a costum template on the template.php file but not change and i know if i change directly on the page.vars.php file it works, but it's probably not a good way, and finally i tried another way

I added a logic to the page.tpl.php on my subtheme bootstrap and then saving a new class form column with the following code :

 <?php if (!empty($page['sidebar_first']) || (!empty($page['sidebar_three']))): ?>
      <aside class="col-sm-3" role="complementary">
        <?php print render($page['sidebar_three']); ?>
          <?php print render($page['sidebar_first']); ?>
      </aside>  <!-- /#sidebar-first1 -->
    <?php endif; ?>

      # Saving a new class for section class 
        if(!empty($page['sidebar_first']) && !empty($page['sidebar_second'])) {
            $myclass ='col-sm-6';
        }elseif (!empty($page['sidebar_first']) || !empty($page['sidebar_second']) || !empty($page['sidebar_three'])){


        /** before <section<?php print $content_column_class; ?>> **/

    <section class="<?php print $myclass;?>">

the above method worked well form me.

Changing Content Colum Class on page.vars.php Drupal 7

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